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Time signal app by famous voice actors

A Japanese character appeared in the Mac app.
We will support your Mac life!

Time Notification

We will let you know the time with character voice every 30 minutes.

  • Voice is Japanese


If you do not want to play audio, such as during work, you can respond with settings.
You can set it by selecting “Preference” from the icon menu displayed on the status bar. The following settings can be made in detail.

  • Mute within the specified time (turn audio off only)
  • Stop sound (stops audio only at all times)
  • Stop notification (It turns off only the notification displayed in the upper right)

When one of the above is enabled, the icon on the status bar becomes black and white, so confirmation before work is also instantaneous!

Officially approved

We have obtained permission to use materials.


  • Swift 5
  • RxSwift
  • VueFlux
  • SwiftLint
  • SwiftGen
  • Carthage

Presentation material

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